Terry Richardson, you have some competition! A male model who worked at an Abercrombie and Fitch store is suing the company for referring him to a modeling agent that he says asked him to masturbate, then whipped out his own penis and started comparing sizes.

The model in question is Benjamine Bowers (above). Bowers allegedly worked at an A&F store when the company’s casting director suggested he pay a visit to Brian Hillburn, whose company., AIG Model and Talent Management, is located in Jackson, Mississippi. When Bowers got to the company and started the shoot, Hillburn told him that he needed to have a more relaxed look in his portfolio, and that the best way to accomplish that look was to rub one out. Right there. On the spot.

Now, to Hillburn’s credit, jerking off probably is a good way to look relaxed. But what is sure to then cause tension is if after your model finishes, you pull out your own dick and start talking about whose is bigger. Which is what Hillburn did.

Bowers is now suing A&F, saying that he now believes those photos weren’t for the good of his career but for the good of Hillburn’s spank bank. Just wagering a guess here: he’s probably right. But whether that will win a lawsuit or not remains to be seen.