Do you recognize her?

My first response to this photo this morning was: “WTF?” Followed by: “Are you fucking kidding me?” Then eventually: “Chocolate pancakes or banana pancakes for breakfast?”

Then to make sure I was correct in my understanding of who Abigail Breslin is, I bounced over to IMDB, and found this:

Hey there, Olive! (Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures)

I was right, my memory served me well, then I asked “WTF?” a few more times. She’s just SO grown-up! She looks far older than her 16 years, but I guess any good make-up artist and lighting can make this happen. And how insanely gorgeous is she? So glamorous! So Marilyn!

The photo shoot was done by photographer Tyler Shields in promotion for his directorial debut, Final Girl. As his site explains:

“I have started directing my first Film called Final Girl staring Abigail Breslin Wes Bentley and a whole group of incredible people more updates coming very soon for now heres a little teaser!” (Editor’s note: it was he who chose to ignore commas, periods and correct spelling in this sentence. I’m just the messenger, and didn’t want to fuck with it in case it was intentional for some weird reason.)

Oh, child stars! They grow up so fast! Let’s just hope she avoids all the bullshit that seem to be the downfall of so many of them. In other words, let’s let that kid, Angus T. Jones, from Two and a Half Men take the “crazy” role for the moment, and just watch Breslin shine. Has anyone even seen Kirk Cameron since he pulled the same shit Jones is pulling now? Seriously. Anyone?

Someone really needs to write a book on how to avoid becoming a child star statistic, and it should probably be written by those lovely Fanning girls. I bet Breslin could do a great forward for the book, too. So far, these ladies seem to have their heads on straight.


Via Buzzfeed

Photo: Tyler Shields