Anne Hathaway Academy Awards luncheon

Oh, hey, looks like it’s still awards season. The 2013 Oscars are coming up, PS! This means the Academy trots out all of its sparkliest members for the annual Academy Awards luncheon, which took place this weekend and, indeed, involved much sparkle.

Let’s take a look at what these fancy Oscar nominees wore, shall we?

Jennifer Lawrence Academy Awards luncheon

Jennifer Lawrence got eaten by her tanning bed, but you already knew that.

Quvenzhane Wallis Oscars lunchIt’s Hushpuppy! Oh, man. She is so cute.

…Her real name is Quvenzhané Wallis, which is hard to spell.

Christoph WaltzThe only person cuter than Hushpuppy is Christoph Waltz. He is cuter than all people.

Oscar Nominees LuncheonDid you guys see The Sessions? It’s kind of shocking what amazing shape Helen Hunt is in. Her taupe dress doesn’t really highlight that fact in the crazy way it deserves, but we know it’s there.

85th Academy Awards Nominees LuncheonThis is director/writer/actor John Gatins. He’s nominated for writing Flight, the Denzel Washington movie where coke makes you awesome.

These are his Christian Louboutins:

85th Academy Awards Nominees LuncheonCoke would make these shoes awesome, too.

 Anne HathawayPeople are speculating that Anne Hathaway is pregnant, despite absolutely no real indication. That’s the narrative, we guess: get married, get an Oscar, have a baby. :(

Nice shoes, though.

Naomi WattsHow amazing has Naomi Watts been looking lately? She’s been dressed fantastically and she’s radiantly beautiful. Look at this great neckline on her. And her hair is actually glowing.

…Wish she had Anne Hathaway’s shoes, though.

Joaquin PhoenixThis is Joaquin Phoenix and his also-an-actor sister, Rain. He looks approximately how he cares about this luncheon.

Amy Adams

This is no good, Amy Adams. The heavy (velvet?) fabric, the neckline, the hem, the totally unnecessary and bulky pockets. We appreciate the slight sheerness as a means to make it a little airier, but then those dumb clodhoppers weigh it right back down again.

Jessica ChastainOur thing for Jessica Chastain is becoming untenable. This look isn’t her best but… come on. She is frighteningly pretty.

(All photos via Wenn)