The TSA has a long list of things that you can’t take aboard a plane. Now you need to add gun accessories to that list.

A purse featuring a “gun-shaped applique” kept Florida teen, Vanessa Gibbs, from getting on her plane home. The TSA said the “replica” gun was illegal, because as we all know guns don’t kill people, but gun-shaped appliques do.

The gun-applique toting teen told Jacksonville’s WJXT-TV that the TSA agent told her that the mini, obviously harmful, deadly weapon, was a federal offense. Seriously, how could this Gibbs gal not know this? This, according to the TSA, has been illegal since 2002, and everyone knows this. I know it, you know it… apparently, Ms. Gibbs never got the memo. I have the memo taped to my wall so I’m constantly reminded that no, I cannot wear my gun-shaped jewelry to the airport under no circumstances whatsoever. And honestly, why would I? Why would I want to put my fellow passengers at risk of being shot to death by the tiny plastic gun charm that hangs from my bracelet? That would be really selfish and irresponsible of me; and I try not to be that way.

After sufficient inspection and deliberation, the TSA realized that the “replica weapon” wasn’t going to misfire, and they let the teen go–but of course, not before they made her check the bag. You know, just to be on the safe side.