The world was recently gifted a new accidentally disturbing celebrity cake: the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been immortalized in frosting and fondant and… the results were predictably creepy. As these things often are.

This got us thinking: what other fashion icons have been made into cakes? And how creepy were the results?

The answer: many and very.


Many a weird cake has been made of Rihanna–while this one isn’t a disaster, per se, it does depict the singer smoking a rose. And looking way more like Scarlett Johansson.

Rihanna cakeOf course, practically nothing beats the cake Rihanna was presented at her actual birthday. The creation features a little Rihanna (real name: Robyn Fenty) riding a giant blunt. Perfect.

Barbie cakeThis is not the world’s best Barbie cake.

Nicki Minaj cakeWhoever made this Nicki Minaj cake was only worried about two things: pink and boobs.

Which is a theme, you’ll find…

Britney-Spears-CakeFor example, breasts are the main focus of this Britney Spears cake.

Madonna cakeAs they are also the main draw of this terrifying Madonna cake, immortalizing her flashing incident at a concert in Istanbul last year.


Singers have a tough go of it when it comes to cake likenesses–this one was even served to Beyonce.


No word on this one, though.

lady gaga 1

And Lady Gaga cakes are their own weird rabbit hole.


What is she coming out of?


While requiring quite a lot of technical skill, this Amy Winehouse cake can’t get past its own crazed expression.

Kim Kardashian cakeWhoever made this Kim Kardashian cake did manage to capture her trademark “vacuous contentment” look.

Anna Wintour cakeAnd this unsettling little nightmare is supposed to be (we guess?) Anna Wintour.


We were surprised by the lack of really terrible Audrey Hepburn cakes–given that the overwhelming majority of the universe’s most boring girls have a Hepburn phase–but Zombie Audrey Hepburn can stay.

Also, we managed to make it through this entire post without saying “takes the cake.” Yes!