Adele George Michael(Photo: Twitter/OfficialAddele)

If Adele ever wanted to go completely incognito, she has found the perfect way to disguise herself. Adele dressed up as George Michael for her birthday party and you would never in a million years guess that it was actually the “Skyfall” singer in the photos. Adele doesn’t look anything like how she usually does.

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Adele uploaded four photo booth pics from her birthday party. She tweeted: “Thank you for the birthday wishes I had a wonderful time! I was my hero x #gottahavefaith” Adele is working it for the camera. She is wearing a low white t-shirt, a leather jacket and aviator sunglasses. She is rocking a short, golden blonde hairstyle and she even has some scruffy facial hair.

The look was a very good attempt at George Michael. Even if you don’t see the resemblance to George Michael 100%, you definitely don’t see Adele dressed up in a wig and leather jacket. I see Jared Leto about seven haircuts ago mixed with a bit of Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys. It’s a drastic change compared to Adele’s signature cat eye and voluminous hairstyle:


(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

It’s too bad Adele posted the photo on Twitter otherwise this could have been her go-to disguise. Every celebrity should have one or two incognito looks and this would have been a great one. It’s much better than wearing a tarp or a towel over your face a la Justin Bieber.