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Subscription boxes pretty much blew up in the past year. Birchbox was always pretty big in the beauty community, and after their success, more niche services started to pop up. There are boxes with healthy snack food, boxes curated for runners and fitness fanatics, and even boxes for dogs. Now, Adidas is getting into the subscription box service game, but there’s a surprise catch. No, really. It’s literally a surprise. 

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Called Avenue A, each box will include three items, some of which will be limited-edition, but beyond that, Racked reports, the box’s contents will be a total surprise. The best/worst part? Each box costs a whopping $150. So, basically, you’re just paying full price for three Adidas items, but instead of shopping normally and choosing what you’ll be spending $150 on, you’re just putting your faith and money into the hands of strangers. Sounds…fun?

Racked speculates that this launch is part of a “larger push by Adidas to sell more women’s fitness apparel,” and I don’t entirely disagree. They’re clearly changing up their marketing strategy, what with the recent recruitment of one of fashion’s biggest names, Karlie Kloss, and with more targeted marketing materials, such as the photo they posted on Instagram this past Valentine’s Day. The promotional video they released in conjunction with the news of a subscription service launch is also pretty telling:
[youtube_iframe id="nRGW2MviNUc"]

Don’t you just love it when other people try to tell you, as a woman, what women love? It’s just one of my favorite things on earth, right behind Kanye West‘s overall existence

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Look, I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money, but spending about $600 a year on mystery activewear seems a bit silly to me. I totally understand if you would want to give this as a VERY generous gift to a fitness freak in your family or close circle of friends, or even invest in it if you’re the kind of person who buys new fitness gear every other week, but other than that, this just seems like a tall order on Adidas’ part. Then again, I feel weird about spending $15 on a tube of liquid lipstick I know for a fact I’ll wear every day, so maybe I’m not the best person to be giving out money-spending advice.

(Photo: Instagram/Adidas)