Pizza lovers know that there is nothing better than a hot, cheesy slice of pizza…or make that three. While nothing beats the real saucy stuff, pizza-themed things come a close second. Just think about the amazing pizza undercut or the pizza eyeliner trend. That’s why pizza lovers everywhere are going crazy for the new Adidas pizza-themed running shoes.

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ICYMI: Adidas and Refinery29 recently teamed up to commission a group of female artists to design shoes representing the 50 states of America. The artists were given a pair of Adidas UltraBOOST X for each state and pretty much free reign to customize them. And the results were anything but your average pair of white sneakers. There was everything from hand-painted designs to ones decorated with flowers. However, the pair the is making pizza lovers drool is the New Jersey pair designed by artist Jen Mussari.


The shoes feature a cheesy yellow base and red laces. But that is just the beginning. They also feature squiggles of white and red representing different toppings. And there are even “pepperoni” appliques. However, the crowning glory is the 3D piece slice applique that takes up the majority of the side and upper of the shoe.

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If you’re ready to place your order, hold up because sadly these shoes aren’t going into production. The one-of-a-kind pair was designed for an auction supporting Women Win, and it has already ended. We may not be able to get this pair, but maybe, just maybe, Adidas could bring pizza shoes to the masses in the future. After all, they did give us poodle shoes from the Jeremy Scott collab.

(Photo: Adidas)