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The world has been in a full-on superhero frenzy ever since Jessica Jones hit Netflix, and now the fashion world is joining in. Garage Magazine has just announced a partnership with Marvel, and it includes the best superhero/supermodel combinations the world has ever seen. (I’m allowed to exaggerate a little when it comes to the Marvel Universe, okay? At least I’m not bringing up talking unicorns or a dancing tree.)

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Garage and Marvel have collaborated on five special edition covers for their latest issue, each starring a different supermodel styled as one of Marvel’s most popular heroes. Adriana Lima is She-Hulk, Karlie Kloss is Black WidowLexi Boling is Captain Marvel, Candice Swanepoel is Spider-Gwen, and Cuba Tornado Scott is Thor. With photos shot by fashion photography legend Patrick Demarchelier and makeup done by Pat McGrath, you can bet your butt these covers are bangin’.

But it’s not just about the fashion. Karlie Kloss said in a press release, 

“It’s important that young girls have fierce and strong role models to look up to and that’s what this project is really about. These role models come in many forms, from fictional Super Heroes to incredible businesswomen to strong female athletes.”

Marvel Comics director of content development and editor Sana Amanat added the following:

“Over the past few years, female Super Heroes have been front and center at Marvel—from Jane Foster taking on the mantle of Thor, to Captain Marvel being celebrated in her own movie…Reinterpreting our Super Heroes through these fashion magazine covers perfectly demonstrates what we believe about our characters—the idea that anyone can express their own unique identity and individualism.”

Take that, anyone who ever tried to tell me I was a dweeb for loving comics. I’m just expressing my own identity and individualism, yo. (Sorry about that “yo” thing.)

In addition to the covers themselves, which you can view in full both above (heeey, Karlie) and below, Garage has prepared 3D digital animations of each superhero, which can be found on their app.

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But enough chit chat. Without further ado, I present Garage‘s special edition superhero covers:


Obviously, Adriana is in her pre-Hulk state, though I imagine that the animation on the app shows her hulking out in the best way possible.

lexi boling garage

Alexander Wang‘s resident bad girl just being her bad girl, superhero self, because those two characteristics totally work.


If only Thor were this badass IRL.

candice swanepoel marvel

And here’s some official proof that there’s nothing that Candice Swanepoel can’t pull off.

Click here to pre-order copies of these special edition issues. They’ll hit newsstands on February 11. 

(Photos: Courtesy of Garage Magazine)