identical twins dress the same

Just when I thought that the world had run out of adult identical twins who dressed identically because there’s only so much we can all bear, Kathy Heffernan and Rosey Coles came into my life. The 60-year-old duo dress identically all the time, garnering celebrity-like attention wherever they go. This is the world we live in, and it’s full of bizarre twin stories.

The two dressed in matching clothing throughout their teen years, but when they both divorced in 2000, they moved into matching homes and picked up right where they had left off–all matching, all the time. They even have matching pajamas. I’m imagining that they video chat every morning to decide what to wear, which is just tickling me. In order to guarantee their identical wardrobes, the sisters shop together, pack identical suitcase, and went ahead and opened up a business together two years ago (where of course, they dress identically). Incidentally, they also share a dentist and doctor, and go grocery shopping together. Why not? It could be worse–they could share a boyfriend.

It was hard to resist the temptation of thinking these two were kind of…sad. I mean, we’ve certainly established that there is nothing creepier on God’s green earth than adult twins–especially adult twins who dress the same. Add in the fact that this sort of came about after the two went through divorces (which of course, are not by default sad, but instead a struggle), and it’s kind of giving me a Grey Gardens vibe. But what do I know? The sisters seem extremely happy.

In fact, Coles says that it’s a conversation starter, and that the sisters are always happy to talk about their sartorial choices.

“The reaction is very good actually, and we get lots of nice remarks. People always say it is unusual to see twins that are our age dressing the same. We like speaking to people and are very sociable, so we like it when people come and speak to us about it. People will very often ask if they can take our photograph.”

In fact, the sisters chalk up any negative reactions to jealousy, which is certainly a positive outlook, and really, nobody should care how these people dress. There’s all kinds of people in this world.

Photo: Pressmaster/Shutterstock