aeropostale flat lay


If you were ever a teenage girl, or were once in close proximity to a teenage girl talking about her fashion choices in a cafeteria/on a school bus/on the sidewalk at any point in time in your life, you’ve heard of Aeropostale. That’s probably the last encounter you had with it if you, like me, just assumed you were too old for it now that you had to become a ~*professional human lady*~.

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But then brands like PacSun rebranded and started releasing legitimately adorable collections with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and I started to rethink my original position. Could it be that I was just selling these supposed “teenage”  brands short? As Aeropostale’s new spring collection has shown me, the answer to that is a hard and resounding “yes.”

Spring will be here sooner than we think (at least, that’s what Punxsutawney Phil wants us to believe), so despite the fact that it’s still on February and I wore a giant puffer coat to work today, it’s totally appropriate to start planning, shopping for, and supplementing your spring wardrobe. Aeropostale’s spring line is full of floral dresses, floaty tops, jeans, cut-offs, and all-around easy pieces that’ll make getting dressed for the warmer weather that much more delightful in the morning.

The best part? Since this is still Aeropostale we’re talking about, just about everything in the collection (heck, everything in the store, really), is available for under $50. Believe me, once you see these pieces, you won’t think that the brand is just for teens anymore. Check out some of the photos from their latest lookbook:


Nothing says spring quite like a lace skirt. This one also comes in a very pretty pastel blue color.

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BRB, living in this outfit all season long.


Does this count as normcore? Please advise.


Oh yeah, and did I mention that there’s activewear in this collection? Because that’s happening, and it’s great.

Click here to shop Aeropostale’s spring 2016 collection! 

(Photos: Courtesy of Aeropostale)