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Happy birthday, April babies! I know I’m coming from a place of bias when I say this (I’m an April baby myself), but I think April is the best month of the year. This is probably why we got stuck with a lame birthstone—if we had a really cool one, it just wouldn’t be fair to everyone born in the 11 lesser months.

Even though diamonds aren’t as flashy as March’s aquamarines or as pretty as October’s opals, they’re still very beautiful… In their own colorless sort of way. And the following 12 pieces of diamond jewelry? Well, they’re unarguably pretty… And surprisingly affordable. Happy shopping, and happy birthday!

Ellie Ellie Ltd. April birthstone studs, $24.82

How cute are these little heart-shaped stud earrings? That wooden jewelry card is a really nice touch, too.

Iyana Designs Herkimer diamond ring, $39.99

I really like the claw prong setting on this diamond ring.

Only Love Leather + Stone Choker Necklace, $24

If you’re riding that ’90s revival train, this is the choker necklace of your dreams.

Inaya Az diamond ring, $25

Who can resist a good raw cut diamond and that pretty wire wrapping?

Coast Diamond Tassel Earrings, $26

I honestly don’t think I go anywhere elegant enough to justify buying these earrings, but I really don’t care. They’re just that pretty!

Forever 21 Layered Faux Stone Necklace, $4.90
f21Forever 21 never lets us down. Pretty necklace, unbeatable price.

Liana Marie raw quartz necklace, $45.58

If you’re into the mystical crystal look, you need to check out Liana Marie’s Etsy shop. Her stuff is so, so good.

Orelia Crystal Diamond Stud Earrings, $26

I love this updated take on traditional stud earrings.

The Jewelry Girls diamond stacking ring, $26.95

Stacking ring lovers, this one’s for you.

Dearest Rosalie diamond necklace, $49.23

If you’re looking for a dainty birthstone necklace, might I suggest this one from Dearest Rosalie?

Chloe and Isabel Crystal Baguette Ring, $34

Gloss reader NYCNanny clued me into Chloe and Isabel jewelry, and I’m so glad she did, because their work is gorgeous—and really affordable. If you showed me this ring and asked me to guess its price, I’d be throwing out a number a hell of a lot higher than $34.

BaubleBar Crystal Morse Code Cuff, on sale for $18

I’m a sucker for anything I can customize, and this morse code cuff is no exception. When you place your order, BaubleBar’s website will prompt you to choose your first initial, and the diamond pattern on your cuff will symbolize the Morse code dots and lines that make up that letter.