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We’re only a few days away from 2016. Do you know what that means? That means it’s New Year’s resolution time! If you’re resolving to clean up your act, sartorially speaking, you’re probably going to need to get yourself a new blazer. Nothing says, hello, world, I’m a professional woman who has her shit fully together like a good structured blazer.

To help you keep your resolution, I’ve rounded up the following chic, affordable, and colorful blazers. You’ll find one for every size and budget below.

Old Navy Women’s Plus Heather Gray Jersey Blazer, on sale for $27.97

I’m a big fan of the salt-n-pepper look happening here. (I’m also a big fan of the model—Hi, Ashley Graham! Read my interview with her here.)

Forever 21 Tuxedo-Inspired Blazer, $29.80
f21 1

This beautiful teal blazer is also available in slate gray.

ASOS CURVE Blazer In Crepe With Slim Lapel, $81

This ASOS Curve blazer is easily the most expensive item on the list, but I decided to include it because I love that burgundy color.

Forever 21 Open-Front Collarless Blazer, $27.80
f2121This two-toned blazer comes in two other color combinations: teal and black and white and black.

Zara Blazer with Zips, on sale for $39.99


How gorgeous is this banana yellow blazer from Zara? I love the unconventional shape and the zipper pockets.

H&M Jersey Blazer, $34.99

 This pretty gray blazer is also available in two other colors: navy blue and pale pink.

H&M+ Fitted Blazer, $49.99
hmprod (1)

Everyone needs at least one classic black blazer in their wardrobe.

Forever 21 Zippered Single-Button Blazer, $39.90

Who doesn’t love wearing white in the winter? This blazer looks so crisp.

Forever 21 Plus Size Textured Blazer, $34.90

OK, how gorgeous does that model look in this rose-colored blazer? Whoever said redheads shouldn’t wear pink needs to get their eyes examined.

H&M Fitted Jacket, $34.99
hmprod (2)

I love this blazer for two reasons: it will only set you back $35, and it looks exactly like the one my dreamy French professor wore to almost every single class. Memories!

Mural Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer, on sale for $44.40

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person wear cobalt blue and not look good. This color is just universally flattering.

H&M Crêpe Jacket, $24.99
hmprod (3)

I like the draping effect happening at the front of this blazer (and the fact that the whole thing will only set you back 25 bucks).