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When spring rolls around, I transform into a 65-year-old snowbird living in Florida: all pastels all the time, baby! If you’re also living that pastel life, you’re going to need some pastel jewelry to complete your look.

The following are 18 pieces of pretty (and affordable) pastel jewelry for snowbirds-in-training like us:

ASOS Stone Swing Earrings, $10.50

These coral-colored earrings are giving me ’90s flashbacks, and I love it.

Half Moon Honey triangle clay necklace, $20

If you’re not a huge fan of yellow, click here to check out the other colors (and pendant shapes) sold at Half Moon Honey.

BaubleBar Kitsch Tassel Cuff, $36

How pretty is this bracelet? It would be perfect for anyone who likes their pastels on the subtle side.

Forever 21 Filigree Drop Earrings, $5.90
mint earrings

Filigree is always in style. I love that mint color, too.

Forever 21 Faux Stone Statement Necklace, $10.90

I love the price of this necklace even more than I love its pretty coral color.

ASOS Sequin Anklet, $8.50
image1xxl (6)

This is a sequin anklet. I repeat, a sequin anklet. Don’t even try to tell me that your inner 12-year-old isn’t freaking out right now.

BaubleBar Bubblestream Collar, $38

This fun periwinkle necklace is also available in pretty shades of indigo, mint, and teal.

ASOS Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Open Bead Ring, $14
image1xxl (1)

I love the rose gold and that super pretty pink bead.

ASOS Sequin Stone Center Brooch, $10.50
image1xxl (3)

If you’re the type of woman who wears a brooch, you’re going to need to snatch up this gorgeous multicolored one.

Clayn Wire mint pendant necklace, $35

I love the gold flakes happening on this pretty mint-colored pendant.

Moonlight For Violet half-moon earrings, $20

These half-moon earrings are available in dozens of different colors. Click here to check them out.

BaubleBar Rose Links, $38

I’m not usually a huge pink person, but even I have to admit that the color of those links is super pretty.

Eternity 31 yellow triangle earrings, $7

You can’t go wrong with a cute pair of yellow triangle studs.

Orelia Open Circle Friendship Bracelet, $14
image1xxl (2)

This is the grown-up version of the friendship bracelets you used to make for your besties when you were a kid.

BaubleBar Seaglass Drops, $34

Seafoam green is such a pretty color, and I love how it looks with the gold.

New Look Flamingo Watch, $22
image1xxl (4)

A flamingo watch! Has there ever been anything cooler than this flamingo watch?

AALDO Hobbema Multipack Earrings, $17
image1xxl (5)

Just don’t say I never gave you options!

The Golden Gardenia faceted gemstone necklace, $29

And last, but certainly not least, the lovely gemstone necklace in one of the prettiest colors ever created. If everything I owned were this shade of lavender, I would be a very happy woman.