Deyn in gold Docs

Here’s one of those tried and true fashion rules (to which we can barely name exceptions): once you reach a certain status and name recognition as a model, you will fucking collaborate with someone. Whether it’s guest designing multiple collections for an established brand (Kate Moss), shoes (Gisele), jewelry (Heidi Klum), or swimsuits (Kate Upton): you have no choice. Basically, if you are paid to be photogenic and leggy, soon you will be paid to approve of designs conceived by some anonymous, beleaguered assistant. Maybe.

At least this time around the collaboration makes sense: the lovely Agyness Deyn will design clothing, footwear and accessories for Dr. Martens, a brand with which she’s become more than a little synonymous. Deyn has been the face of the brand for a few seasons now–and is always, always, always traipsing around Brooklyn in Docs–so the typical gushy PR lines don’t feel so forced here. Says Deyn: “The brand is a great fit for me, as it stands for strong character and being able to shape your own personal identity.”

The Agyness Deyn for Dr. Martens limited edition collection will launch in the fall. Further details TK.