We at the Glosss believe that all fashion world dramas begin on AOL Instant Messenger, just they way they did when we were in junior high. Today, Barack Obama and Anna Wintour decide to host a dinner they will charge peole $30,000 to attend:

Presno1: Anna!

Presno1: Michelle sys thanx.

Presno1: Anna?

Presno1: Anna?


Presno1: I M hungry.

Presno1: Hae you seen Oilybirdswithpartyhats? Chocolate cake makes me hungy. Michelle iz so ful of health. There iz no junk fd here. There iz only sadness.

TheBeztAnna: TENNIZ!

Presno1: Still hungry. So much green food. Not easy bein green.

TheBeztAnna: You know what I hate? Restaurants.

TheBeztAnna: Jamaican restrants R for fat mummies who eat potato chipz.

Presno1: I luv Jamaican food.

TheBeztAnna: No you dnt.

Presno1: No I dnt.U r right. Wht kind of food do I luv?

TheBeztAnna: The food in my hous. Nt stupid food in restraunts.

Presno1: Iz that fd green?

TheBeztAnna: No. Is red. An bleeding.

Presno1: HURRAH!

TheBeztAnna: We will have diner.

Presno1: NOW!?

TheBeztAnna: No. Wi liv in different cities.

Presno1: Soon?

TheBeztAnna: Yes. Lets make peeple pay to watch uz eat.

Presno1: Wil thy get to eat 2?

Presno1: Anna?

Presno1: Anna?

TheBeztAnna: May-b.

Presno1: U r so nice.

TheBeztAnna: Lets charge $30,000.

Presno1: Yay! Will there be chocolate cake?

TheBeztAnna: There will b venison. Like cak made with blodd.

Presno1: This will b fun!

Will the dinner be as magical as their imaginary AIM conversation promises? Tune in… never. Our boss will not let us expense the $30,000. But our bodega had the good yogurt today!