Take off with the Runway ?

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You probably figured it out awhile ago that the fashion world is the Hadid’s and the rest of us are just living in it. It’s rare to find a runway, magazine or ad campaign that doesn’t feature Gigi Hadid or Bella. Their brother Anwar Hadid is also doing his part in the menswear world, plus we have their older half-sister Alana Hadid covering accessories design with her latest launch.

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You might remember that Alana has also worked as a model and has design experience from her collaboration with LOFT. For her latest venture, she’s teamed up with her father, Mohamed Hadid, to produce an eyewear collection, Hadid Eyewear, that’s filled with sunglasses that you will live in come the summer.

It's Carnaval Time! #milehigh

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According to the brand’s website, Hadid Eyewear’s mission is, ” To create, inspire and expand a love for beautiful eyewear.” Based on the debut range, the brand appears to be fulfilling its mission so far.

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The collection includes six pairs of sunglasses for men and women that are each available in two colorways. Whether you’re looking for chunky faces, upgraded aviators, or supersized cat eyes, Hadid eyewear has you covered.

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What makes Hadid Eyewear standout from other eyewear brands is that these aren’t your average sunglasses. They have special details that make them unique. For example, the Mile High Sunglasses have a decorative detail on the nose piece while the Passport Control Sunglasses have coordinating nose pieces and frames.

The frames are also available in fresh colors besides your standard black and brown tortoiseshell. You can get black glasses speckled with blue, white camo, a floral print and even an ivory design with pink lenses.

The frames range in price from $149 to $169 and you can get them off the Hadid Eyewear website. Given that Gigi has already been spotted out in a pair of the brand’s sunnies, you might want to follow Gig’s lead on this one.