That’s Alessandra Ambrosio up there on the right, posing for the latest issue of Made In Brazil, a magazine that exclusively celebrates male models (and that’s some of its typical beefcake up there too). The Victoria’s Secret angel is actually the first woman to ever appear in the magazine… a bit of trivia that her wardrobe choices may be acknowledging with a wink.

Despite the fact that Ambrosio looks amazing, HuffPo is still giving her wet men’s briefs the sideeye, deeming it “unsexy” in the headline and adding:

A sopping pair of men’s Calvin Klein briefs, pulled up over the hips, doesn’t exactly scream “sexy” to us…

Perhaps we are not looking at the same photograph? Ambrosio is pretty much defining what it means to be a swimsuit model. And we think the stylist’s decision to stick her in a pair of CK briefs is not only hot, but unexpected and witty in a ’90s way.

Moreover, if you were walking along the beach and Ambrosio were to emerge from the sea in sopping wet men’s briefs, hopefully you wouldn’t be all:

“Marky Mark called, he wants his underwear back.”

Besides, HuffPo, don’t you remember how sublime and ridiculous this was:

Ambrosio and her buddies in banana hammocks were shot by Stewart Shining.