They said (the experts, Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc..) that in order to be completely happy and to love someone unconditionally, you must first Love Yourself. I agree, and apparently, so does Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez Kissing Himself Picture

Alex Rodriguez Kisses Himself

A-Rod loves himself too much he can’t help but kiss himself. I know I know, he’s not actually kissing himself. It’s more like, he’s having a staring competition with himself. Don’t tell me you’ve never done that with yourself lately :) . This New York Yankees star graced the cover of the DETAILS magazine for the April issue.

Alex Rodriguez DETAILS Cover

Alex Rodriguez DETAILS Cover

No wonder his affair with Madonna didn’t last too long. Madonna can’t possibly be with someone who loves himself more than he loves her, hehe. All kidding aside, I give A-Rod credit for having a sense of humor. Considering all the bad stuff surrounding his personal life and baseball career lately. But that’s another issue for another blog :) .

(Images Credit : Steven Klein for DETAILS)