Alexa Chung Launches New Make Up Collection - Photocall

Whether you think she’s crazy overrated or you actually want to emulate her manic pixie style (like even Kris Jenner did!), TV presenter/hipster It girl Alexa Chung is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. From her collaboration with Madewell to her memoir/scrapbook/style guide to her kindasorta hangover-inspired makeup line with Eyeko, Alexa’s basically done everything except design her own clothing line. And she sounds a little pissed about that.

She told British fashion magazine Grazia:

“[You] need loads of money to set up a label. It’s quite complicated and I have no fucking idea how you do it. But that’s pretty much all I want.”

Although she was supposedly designing her own line over a year ago, apparently nothing’s materialized yet, which is a sad day for women who are eager to get their hands on feline-inspired lingerie. Because the first thing Alexa’s going to design? A CAT BRA. Yup!

“I just designed a really good bra in my head. Black see-through triangles, with a nose over your nipples and two cat faces.”

I can’t quite envision that, although I imagine there are a few ladies on The Gloss staff would die to put some cat noses over their nipples. And it’s guaranteed to be better than whatever the HELL is happening on this website, that’s for sure.

Photo: Getty Images