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When Alexa Chung finally revealed that she was started her own fashion label, it wasn’t a massive surprise, but everyone was still very excited. Over the years, Alexa has produced some blink-and-it-was-sold-out collections with other fashion brands. So, we knew that when given the chance to be in full control of a line, things were going to be good.

Alexa recently showed her debut collection at a fashion show in London. For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to attend the actual event, we were still able to watch the live stream and pick up some fresh styling tips. (Not to mention create very long wishlists.)

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There are the six styling lessons we learned from Alexa Chung’s debut fashion show:

1. Add a blouse under a sweatshirt for a relaxed preppy look.

Add a bit of polish to a sweatshirt by layering a blouse underneath. It doesn’t have to match your sweatshirt and it doesn’t have to be plain white. You can ever try popping the collar slightly.

2. You can never go wrong with a denim skirt.

Alexa has demonstrated this in her personal wardrobe at many events and her eponymous line further proved it. A denim skirt, especially a midi style, can really be worn with almost anything.

3. It’s all about balancing masculinity and femininity.

The Alexa Chung website writes that designs are focused around key silhouettes while experimenting with playfulness and the balance between masculinity and femininity. In other words, the line basically has that mix-and-match aesthetic that Alexa Chung does so well with her own wardrobe. More girly pieces were tempered with more tailored pieces.

4. Don’t be afraid to try unexpected things.

The Alexa Chung debut collection had some surprising pieces and that made the collection even more enviable. A PVC lilac trench? It might sound like it shouldn’t work, but when you see it in on the runway, you realize how cool and wearable it actually is. Ditto for a striped suit.

5. It’s all about the details.

Silhouettes and balancing colors and proportions are key, but the runway proved that the details are just as important. Blouses were left untucked under slouchy sweaters while tiny frayed hems help make cropped jeans feel a bit more special.

6. Always think about your hair and makeup.

It may have been about the clothes, but the hair and makeup are still a part of the overall look. Models walked the runway with natural makeup and unfussy hair which helped give the clothes that effortless Alexa Chung finish. It also made the collection appear to be very wearable.