When I saw the above photo of Alexa Chung in that leather skirt, my thighs started to sweat. Even though most leather clothing is lined, I just couldn’t help but feel suddenly restricted and trapped at the thought of leather on my body this time of year. I’d almost prefer to be in a straight jacket than in a leather skirt!

Ms. Chung made it on to Vogue UK’s “Best Dressed of the Week” list with her appearance in this outfit at the Louis Vuitton Shanghai show. Do you know what the temperature is like this time of year in Shanghai? Sure, it’s only in the high 80’s, but as of this moment, according to the Weather Channel, they have 84% humidity. Talk about a sauna. New York City is currently at 89% humidity and I’d be damn surprised if anyone is wandering the streets in leather today.

Besides the dress if from LV’s upcoming fall 2012 collection! Everyone knows you don’t wear fall collections mid-summer! That’s like a rule of life!

How many of you are wearing a leather skirt right now? I want a show of hands so I can either be proved wrong or right. Not that I’ll admit to being wrong, if I am.


Photo: Vogue UK