Remember Alexa Vega, the actress from Spy Kids and Repo! The Genetic Opera? (Ok I don’t actually know what the hell Repo! The Genetic Opera is, but she was in it so yayyy! Also Machete Kills, which I also didn’t see, but that’s maybe perhaps less yay, just based on the title). Well, Alexa married Carlos Peña Jr, an actor and singer in the boy band Big Time Rush, in Mexico over the weekend. And she looked absolutely gorgeous while doing it!

You may, if you are a consumer of completely random celebrity gossip, remember that Alexa was previously married to a producer named Sean Covel. I did know that (weirdly) but I freely admit I didn’t know too much else about Alexa or her new husband until I started poking around looking for more photos of her pretty wedding dress. And now, I love them. I mean, how adorable:

BUT BACK TO THE DRESS. Alexa’s casual, beachy gown with a low back gives Kaley Cuoco‘s gorgeous pink dress a run for its money. It was a destination wedding in Mexico, so of course something loose and beachy makes sense, but something about her ensemble feels especially charming to me. This photo’s a little grainy, but I think you can get the general vibe:

For a better look, here’s a cute video of her bouquet toss:

For an even better look, check out this shot from actress Challen Cates. I have a love-hate relationship with the sudden popularity of flower crowns, but if you can’t wear one while you get married on a beach in Mexico, where can you wear one? Congratulations, Alexa and Carlos! Here’s hoping your marriage is as fun as it looks like your wedding day was.

Photos: Getty Images, Instagram