And the fashion industry keeps those egregious labor violations coming!

Wenyu Lu, 56, has filed suit against venerable downtown designer Alexander Wang, alleging Wang operates a “sweatshop” at  386 Broadway. Lu claims to have worked 84-hour weeks and once “passed out after being forced to toil 25 hours without a break.” Le was ultimately fired for complaining about the work conditions. Lu’s lawyer, Ming Hai, said they’re hoping other exhausted Wang employees will join in a class-action lawsuit against the company.

…According to the Post, however, that’s already happened: “30 workers claim they were forced to work 16 hours a day or longer — without overtime — in a suffocating, windowless, 200-square-foot room.” They allege Wang has violated New York state labor laws, and they want $50 million in return.

So far, a spokesperson for Wang declined to comment, because they’ve “yet to be served with the lawsuit.”

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