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In the midst of a seemingly endless stream of new campaignsAlexander Wang knows how to make an entrance. Rather than just releasing his campaign as many other designers before him have, he decided to tease it on Instagram, and like moths to a very stylish flame, we’re flocking to it.

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Wang’s new Instagram handle, @wangsquad, is the home to 21 photos of polaroid head shots of the cast for his new spring campaign, and a rep for the brand confirmed to Fashionista that “this is indeed only a slice of what’s to come.”

While it’s somewhat unclear as to what the exact nature of the campaign is, it’s clear that Wang is collecting a serious crew. Some of the more well-known faces include Cindy Crawford‘s 14-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber, fresh off of her new spring campaign with Chrome Hearts, Lexi Boling, Wang standbys Peyton Knight and Isabella Emmack2015 Model of the Year Anna Ewers, and non-models like painter Lucien Smith and Canadian singer Alice Glass

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After his 10 year anniversary campaign drummed up quite the cast of famous characters, it’s entirely unsurprising this his latest campaign features some serious star power. That said, it’s nice to see that he’s picked some up-and-coming faces for the campaign, and if Wang likes them, then they’re sure to be the ones to watch in the coming year.

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According to the Wang Squad Instagram page, #WangSS16 is “coming soon,” though there’s no real indication as to what “soon” actually means, and as far as what the brand rep’s comment about how these photos are only a “slice” of what’s to come, we’re still in the dark. Could it mean that there are more famous faces debuting in the campaign that we’re not aware of yet? Could he be announcing some new, innovative campaign method that we’ve yet to see before? It wouldn’t be entirely unlike Wang to try something completely new.

Sadly, all we can do now is speculate and watch this promo video on repeat. I guess there are worse ways to spend a Monday, right?

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Head over to the new Wang Squad Instagram page to see the rest of the Polaroids!

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