Alexander Wang fashion week 2011Next time Alexander Wang sends out a blast email, people are going to listen. Because yesterday afternoon a line of people who queued up for a “secret Alexander Wang mystery event” were rewarded with all the free clothes they could carry. Seriously.

According to Racked NY, people started lining up for the secret event at 7:00 yesterday morning, even though the event started at 2:00 p.m. and the people had no idea what they were lining up for. New Yorkers might be jaded about a lot of things, but they will line up for just about anything. Cronuts, free yogurt … in this case the surprise event might have been a concert, or a fashion show, a sample sale, the unveiling of a new perfume, or just a big sign that said “Gotcha!” But it was better than any of that.

The first 150 or so people in line were let into the event, and once inside they could take all them men’s and women’s clothing they could carry. Sizes were all over the place, and there were no shoes or bags included. Customers were leaving with giant boxes stuffed with clothes, then swapping their merchandise outside. They were understandably thrilled with their hauls.

The people in line after that group were presumably saddened by not being allowed in, as many had waited in line for a few hours.

The huge clothing giveaway pretty much guarantees a big turnout for the next few Alexander Wang events, so expect the lines to start earlier and get even longer next time. But maybe there will be a giant box of free clothes at the end.

Via Racked NY/Photo: WENN