Hitchcock didn’t make any scary movies about werewolves, but if he did, I would make some sort of pun here about “wear-wolves.” Oh, look, I did it anyway.

However, Hitchcock did make a television series called Alfred Hitchock Presents (I found full episodes for you online!). There was no episode about werewolves in it, either, but one episode was about a man being paralyzed but completely conscious after a car accident, and everyone thinking he was dead and sending him off to be cremated. If you think someone is dead, always put a mirror in front of their nostrils to check, okay? That episode was terrifying. It’s not on this bracelet by Full Moon Bling, but Psycho is, and so is Vertigo, and probably many of your other Hitchcock favorites. If you have Hitchcock favorites at all. Do you?

Oh, and you can buy the bracelet here, it’s $40.