alison brie behind the scenes with vanity fair

Between Community and Mad Men and, let’s be real, her crazy figure, I’ve been a fan of Alison Brie for a while now. She’s talented, fun, easy on the eyes, and she seems like a pretty decent human being. (Remember when she expressed her totally chill attitude about being seen naked? Adorbs.) And on top of all that? She can wear the hell out of an oddly shaped dress.

Alison appears in the June 2014 issue of Vanity Fair (covered by her costar/my husband, Jon Hamm) and she looks super gorgeous in a super strange outfit. The photos were done by Williams + Hirakawa, the duo responsible for coaxing old-school glamour out of stars like Lana Del Rey and Jennifer Lawrence, and Alison gets the same treatment– despite the fact that her metallic gold Lanvin dress is a little on the weird side.

alison brie for vanity fair

Is she cosplaying as a sexy version of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast? Don’t get me wrong– I really like it– but you can’t deny that it’s strange. Joan Smalls wore the same dress in last month’s Vogue Italia, and it looked stunning-but-unrealistic, as high fashion tends to look. It looks different on Alison, though, because she seems like such a girl next door. I’m kind of surprised (but impressed!) that she’s pulling it off.

Oh, and she seems just as excited to be wearing it as we are to be seeing the pics. In a behind-the-scenes video with VF, she beams and delivers this charming little quote:

This is one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done, and I’m just so excited to do a shoot for Vanity Fair. You could have me doing anything– put like a live snake on me and I’d be like, ‘This is great! I’m having a blast!’

So cute. I really hope she gets more magazine spreads in the future, because I’m seriously looking forward to seeing what she’ll wear next.

Via Vanity Fair