Last week we helped Chloe learn how to use body glitter and Axe spray to distract from the fact that she is basically just a walking corpse.  This week, we’ll be taking our expertise to the next level and beautifying the hardest case yet!

Meet Gloria:
Gloria, I’d ask you how you are, but you don’t have any of the body parts necessary to generate speech or to even make rudimentary gestures, so we’ll just get started, okay?

Let’s be honest here; you’re pretty much just a skull with a shriveled up eyeball.  The good news is that you have nice bone structure.  Your jaw is broken pretty badly, but it appears that you still have most of your molars.  So there’s that

I think the most pressing issue is going to be super gluing that eye back in its socket.  You can’t just walk around with your eyeball hanging out like that, Gloria.  It freaks people out and makes them not want to talk to you.  It has also taken on a sort of disconcerting red tint, so we’ll just go ahead and get you some blue contact lenses.  There.  That’s nice.

As you have probably realized, you don’t have any lips, so we’re going to have to fake it a little.  We’ll apply a bit of plumping gloss to your maxilla and mandible there and then just slather on a bunch of lipstick and hope for the best.

You look… great.  That shade really brings out your eye.

You’re definitely going to need some hair to balance out that makeup.  I bet you’d look terrific as a sassy redhead.  Let’s get you a nice wig to cover up that dome of yours.  And how about a flirty little sun dress?

Perfect.  You look like Lindsay Lohan, but skinnier.

Normally, I’d recommend implants to fill out that pretty little dress, but you lack the structural integrity to support them and they’d probably just fall off the next time you try to maul someone for brains.  Plus, implants would look really unnatural on someone of your build.  You don’t even have any skin, Gloria.
You know what?  Fuck it.  Let’s just cover you in body glitter and call it a day.
My work here is done.