gallery girls

Are you obsessed with Gallery Girls? I am. Not, apparently, because I care about art or “women being really mean to one another.” I just want people to take my picture for Japanese magazines and go out in weird things made out of feathers. I have absolutely no idea how to do that. I have a closet full of clothes that look like I stole them off the set of All About Eve. I have precisely one item of clothing that might qualify as cool and downtown, and it is a pair of high waisted pants that was a gift from Alvin Valley. These pants:

(Incidentally – buy these pants here!)

Fortunately, Alvin is also a huge fan of gallery girls, and, after listening to me babble about it for while, came up with some great tips on how anyone can get a chic-downtown-to-uptown-in-the-course-of-a-day style. Or as we in the fashion world call it “Cdtuitcoad” He notes:

1) It’s all about proportion and drama.  If you’re going to wear an oversized top, pair it with a skinny pant like the 190.

2) One statement, whether it’s a red lip like Chantal’s or an oversized necklace, instantly makes you look chicer.

3) I love something unexpected like a really formal skirt with a basic tank like Angela wears.  One of my favorite ways to style some of my more formal pants like the 198 Two-tone Trouser or 199 Super-high Waisted is with a simple t-shirt!

4) Don’t be too matchy.  Looking a little undone is cool.  Maybe slightly messy hair

5) Heels instantly elevate an outfit. You can do an edgy downtown look and still be sophisticated with the right shoe.

6) Spend money on investment pieces…classic wardrobe staples you’ll wear forever.  Having your own unique style is not about splurging on trends.

7) Black is always chic in the world of fashion and art.  It’s sexy, powerful, and mysterious.  So downtown! Plus, it’s slimming.

8) Downtown is all about attitude and state of mind! You can have that edge and still be sophisticated.


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