Full disclosure: we’d be pretty hard-pressed to talk shit about Willow. It’s Willow.

That being said, we support Alyson Hannigan owning her bump so hard on the red carpet (which she’s been doing with aplomb). The actress was in LA last night for the premiere of American Reunion, the last sad gasp in the American Pie franchise. Hannigan’s a good sport, as she’s the only cast member from the original film who has transcended her role (well, excepting Tara Reid, who transcended it in the opposite direction), but she also looked radiant. Sidenote: can being pregnant really do that to your skin?

Also, you have to love a redhead in green. Hannigan brought along husband Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (Alexis Denisof, depending on who you ask):

And they looked good together, also.

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