amal-alamuddin-wedding-dress-pants-george-clooneyFor some people–Dita Von Teese, Kim Kardashian, etc.–fashion is their whole job, and they are very good at it. But then there are other people–Michelle Obama and Huma Abedin, for example–who are interested in fashion as a footnote to their otherwise very busy and accomplished lives. Amal Clooney is definitely in the latter group. Sure, she dresses beautifully and flies around the world like a real life Carmen Sandiego, but she is a human-rights attorney with much more important things to do than talk to reporters about whom she is wearing. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sense of humor about the whole thing, though.

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Amal Clooney is at the European Court of Human Rights representing Armenia in a human rights trial. It’s obviously very serious business, but the courtroom was full of photographers there to photograph Clooney. When one Telegraph reporter asked her about her the media focus on her fashion, she responded perfectly by laughing, pointing at her barrister’s robes, and saying, “I’m wearing Ede & Ravenscroft.”

Ede & Ravenscroft is London’s oldest tailor and creator of legal dress like the robes and wigs British lawyers sometimes wear. (I’m sorry, I know Amal Clooney is much more than a fashion plate, but I am a fashion writer and right now I want to see Amal Clooney in one of those little white British legal wigs more than I have ever wanted anything.)

Photo: Getty