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If that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Vogue cover made you want to write Anna Wintour a scathing email last year, reports about the celeb who might be one of the magazine’s newest cover girls will probably make you want to do a happy dance in celebration.

According to Grazia Daily, Amal Clooney (she of the black Dior gown and divisive white pageant gloves) might be covering American Vogue. Apparently Anna Wintour is interested in interviewing and giving the multilingual human rights lawyer the coveted title of Vogue cover girl. My guess is that Anna’s going with Amal because she reflects “what’s going on in the culture” and is “deeply tasteful.”

Though I’m sure that an Amal Vogue cover would be a major PR win for the Clooney camp, I can understand why Anna would choose here. As Hannah Marriott put it over at The Guardian, she’s “the anti-Kardashian.” Yes, Amal’s married a man who is exponentially more famous than she is, but she’s got a level of professional and sartorial sophistication that lots of folks admire. She’s also living in a modern day fairy tale. She’s got a high-powered legal career, wears beautiful clothes and is married to a handsome movie star.

I was kind of starting to question Ms. Wintour’s judgement when it came to who she chose to represent her illustrious magazine. Honestly, that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cover from last year left me feeling some type of way.

For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why Anna would want to use Vogue’s clout to validate the egos of two seemingly self-involved people. And just when I was in the middle of letting the Kim-Kanye cover go, she went and put the least charismatic person ever (sorry Dakota Johnson) on her cover. That said, I’m really hoping that this possible Amal Clooney cover comes to fruition so that I can put it next to my well-worn copy of Lupita’ Nyong’o’s Vogue issue and forget that the whole Kim and Kanye thing ever happened.

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