amanda bynes grill 1

Over the summer and in the middle of a very unfortunate and public breakdown, much of which happened on Twitter and involved calling beautiful celebrities ugly, Amanda Bynes ordered some top-shelf grills from L.A.-based grillmaker Ben Baller. But then the former Nickelodeon star was hospitalized under a mandatory psychiatric hold after starting a fire on an elderly lady’s driveway.

Baller finished the $10,000 grills, but since Bynes is in the hospital for the foreseeable future, he says he hasn’t been able to deliver them. Baller Instagrammed a photo of the finished project last night, and said he’s been trying for months to deliver it.

Ever wondered what Amanda Bynes grills came out to look like? Here you go… Natural pink diamonds set on 14k rose gold (before one of you smart ass asks why it isn’t 18k gold, it’s because 18k is way too soft to be in the mouth piece). Tried for months to deliver this to her but doubt it will happen. Should I auction these off to charity? Thoughts?

Amanda Bynes grill

Amanda Bynes’ grill is surprisingly pretty. The rose gold and pink diamonds are a bit twee, but there are few things less twee than a grill. We like the juxtaposition, and the windows on the outer four teeth help keep the look from being too much. These might be our second favorite grills ever, after Beyonce‘s adorable fang grill.

We’re surprised to see Baller talking about auctioning off the Amanda Bynes grills, since it doesn’t seem like nearly long enough for that to be on the table to us. Bynes has only been hospitalized since the end of July, so not quite three months yet. We’re not sure where the legal line is for a grill to officially be considered abandoned, but when a person commissions a $10,000 piece of custom jewelry, it seems like they should have at least a year to pick it up before the jeweler gets to sell it to someone else.

Via Racked/Photos: Wenn, Instagram/BenBaller