The New York premiere of 'Epic' held at the Ziegfeld Theatre - ArrivalsIf you thought that things couldn’t get any cuter than cherubic Prince George topping the best-dressed baby list (probably the highest honor for an infant) or Quvenzhané Wallis’s adorable Armani ad, Amanda Seyfried‘s throwback photo has just knocked those two off the podium. Take a look at this picture she posted on Instagram for boyfriend Justin Long‘s birthday captioned “Happy Birthday, J #itsyourbirthdaytoday” and try not to let your heart melt from the sweetness:

I love Amanda Seyfried. The girl knows how to keep it real. In a world of fake, media-trained celebrities, she’s refreshingly honest, played an airhead in Mean Girls but actually isn’t one and she got away with having Mingey as her Instagram handle (apparently they were too busy cropping people’s butts to notice). I also can’t get enough of dorky but totally adorable pictures of celebrities before they were famous. Combine the two, and you’re in for something as good as a cat doing yoga video.

Let’s just talk about the picture for a second. She willingly posted this for her boyfriend’a birthday. A lot of girls don’t want to admit to their boyfriends, that the female species isn’t 100% perfect, so they go to great lengths (see: burying the photographic evidence) to keep up this ridiculous air of mystery. Amanda isn’t afraid to show she can be a bit dorky–in the cutest possible way. She didn’t post it as a #throwbackthursday look-what-I looked-like, now-look-at-me photo, she uploaded it because it’s way better than a generic birthday card you paid $7 for.

In the retro photo, she looks like a 1950s housewife, complete with immaculate shiny red lipstick and one missing tooth. (Something about the the way the lipstick is applied and how she doesn’t have any on her remaining teeth, makes me think this wasn’t her first crack at a red lip, despite probably being six) The whole thing makes me love her more, and I’m sure it will make Justin love her that much more too. Hugs all around.