amber riley

Here’s some rare good news for shoppers of plus size clothing: the world’s most charming Glee star, Amber Riley, has opened up an online boutique along with her sister called RileyLand Fashions. It’s not an online store per se given that she’s selling mostly never worn items from her own closet, but I’d be surprised if this venture doesn’t turn into a full blown line.

As Riley explained on Instagram:

“My sister and I are clothes fanatics and since so many of my curvier fans always express that they like my clothes, I thought why not clean out my closet and fill up all of yours. The clothes are affordable and most are never worn! There will be an official website coming soon with more than one of [a] kind clothing and more sizes for you plus-size cuties!”

The store has been pretty popular given that, oh gosh, all of the products have sold out, but, Riley promises to restock soon. It’s hardly surprising given the dearth of nice plus size clothes out there, and Riley and her sister offered great items. In the meantime, I’m seriously hoping that somebody taps Riley to collaborate on a line of clothing that’s size inclusive, since her sense of style is excellent.

We already know just how limited plus size clothing is, and how exciting, celebrity endorsed collaborations tends towards exclusive, small size ranges. Riley does the world a service by offering cute, sexy, and “normal” clothes in sizes where we’re used to seeing frumpy sacks. Obviously, I want to live in a world where it’s not exciting to see attractive plus size clothes on the market, but of course nothing good ever happens so that’s not the case. Until then, I’m happy to champion anyone who’s increasing visibility of body diversity in any form.

Photos: RileyLand Fashions [H/t Refinery 29]