Last night, we went to a late-night sale at American Apparel, hoping to find some hipsters to publicly ridicule. But instead, we were confronted with a lovely spread, and quickly found ourselves in the dressing room trying on shirts and hoodies that we didn’t need.

It was a shock to us all, but we find ourselves arriving at the same conclusion we’ve arrived at in weeks past:  maybe, American Apparel is growing up and learning some class.

First, Ashley and Jennifer found that they could look like tasteful young ladies in AmAp clothes. Now, we come to find out that the chain knows how to throw a classy cocktail reception, minus the cocktails but plus an unexpected critical component: Oreos.

Which brings us to our second point. Every sale, we’ve decided, should have cookies available to the consumer. Like we said, when we got to the sale, we thought we’d just snap some pics of some people with their asscheeks hanging out (and there were plenty), be snarky about it, and call it a blog post. But as we began to retrieve our iPhone from our bag, we were distracted by the unmistakable smell of white frosting smushed between two crisp chocolate cookies. Suddenly we forgot why we were there, and the next thing we knew we had a mouthful of cookie joy and five shirts in our arms on the way to the dressing room.

Of course, inside the dressing room we remembered that we didn’t come to shop, and also that American Apparel is kind of hit and miss, and still makes us, for one (I’ve been using the royal we), look like a sausage with a slit down the side of its casing.

But the cookies! The cookies were a great idea, and we didn’t even leave mad about the fact that we were again fooled into thinking that American Apparel clothing looks good on us. Instead, we left happy, and thinking about how much we love Oreos.