screenshot one via american apparel dot com brendan jordan

A fresh-faced and incredibly young model with an enormous social media following  just landed a spot in a national ad campaign. No, I’m not talking about Cara Delevingne or Kendall Jenner. The fresh-faced model in question is everybody’s favorite voguing teen Brendan Jordan of course.

Don’t remember Brendan? I’ll let this video jog your memory first.


Brendan’s the 15-year-old kid who broke the internet back in October when he struck dramatic poses and made the stink face to trump all stink faces during a local news broadcast in Las Vegas. I can’t help but think that Anna Wintour would be proud of his hilarious “who are these peasants” expression.

While I don’t know if Brendan’s posing ever got him on Anna’s radar, I do know that it made most of us go “local news anchors, who?” and landed him a feature on The Queen Latifah Show. After getting the seal of approval from one of the greatest rappers of all time and his idol Lady Gaga, Brendan got his own American Apparel ad.

Brendan’s ad, which is quirky and 80s-inspired, is a welcome departure from what many have called American Apparel’s over-sexualized branding. It shows him posing for his life in pink leggings, black vegan leather pants and a pro LGBT tee shirt that’s as fashionable as it is socially conscious.

For the record, the kid wears a transparent pink PVC skirt like no other and serves poses that would make the cast of Paris Is Burning proud. 

brendan jordan pvc skirt via american apparel dot com screenshot

The ad gives us a little of the back story of a kid who could end up being a fashion force in the making. Apparently Brendan loves Lady Gaga,  “anything high-waisted” and wants to be a fashion designer.

Brendan also appeared in a video on American Apparel’s YouTube channel where he gave the world important fashion advice like:

“if your clothes do not give you a feeling that do not make you feel like you can do anything you want in this world, then honey you are wearing the wrong type of clothes.”


All I can say is that I wish I’d had this much confidence when I was 15. I love that the fact that Brendan was bold enough to be his quirky self no matter who was looking and that it has gotten him so much positive attention. And as for American Apparel? Here’s to hoping they’ll give us more ad campaigns like Brendan’s and fewer ads like these.

Photos: American Apparel