American Apparel Controversial Bodysuit AdvertIt has been awhile since we had an American Apparel controversy after the whole CEO Dov Charney getting fired ordeal and the back-to-school Lolita skirt photo debacle. This week marks another time an American Apparel ad has gotten banned. The Daily Mail reported that an advert on the American Apparel website featuring a young-looking model wearing a thong bodysuit has been banned. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) deemed the photo inappropriate and stated that it “must not appear again in its current form.”

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The controversial image show a very young-looking red-haired model posing in a thong body suit with a lips print. The model is posing so her entire butt is fully visible. The ASA received a complaint about the image from someone who described it as “‘irresponsible and offensive” given that the “sexualized way” the model is posing and how young she looks.

American Apparel claimed that the model is 20-years-old. However, the Advertising Standards Authority declared that “some consumers were likely to regard her as being younger than 16 years of age.” The model’s youthful appearance and the sexualized pose are factors that lead the ASA to ban the advert since “it is likely to cause serious offense.”

If you thought that controversial photos would end when they fired their CEO, you were wrong. This may not be a massive campaign with posters and billboards but it still appears on the website advertising merchandise and most people would consider the model to be very young. If American Apparel are going to continue with their sexy adverts, they should stop with the Lolita-esque poses and find a more appropriate inspiration.

(Photo: American Apparel)