Even after the whole brouhaha about Dov Charney’s habit of only employing attractive young women. Are you surprised? No? Yeah, neither are we. But we still liked the most recent American Apparel applicant gossip from Gawker (you know, the website that frames Dov Charney with all their lies):

So about a week ago I had an interview at AA in their downtown headquarters for an office admin position. First of all the guy who interviewed me only asked me 4 questions one of which was “what are some of your favorite blogs?” Fucking irrelevant. Then he says he’s taking me upstairs for a test, which I assume is a computer literacy test and pretty standard for most office/admin positions. So I get up there, and it’s the area they have photoshoots…The test they gave me was putting on their ugly clothes and doing an impromptu photoshoot! No computer literacy test! HOW IS THIS OK?? I’M APPLYING TO WORK IN UR OFFICE! [The photographer] was cold and it was so uncomfortable. She made me put on some tank and skirt with ugly shoes. Physically I was DEF not prepared for something like that. It was so god damn awkward. She made me model in front of some stupid white backdrop and pose for her. God I wanted to die.