This weekend saw some well-deserved appreciation for funny people at the American Comedy Awards, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that from the red carpet. While a few key players like Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza totally nailed things and looked 100% fantastic, everyone else stuck to variations on the same theme: black. It was dark even for a witch like me. Dark, sexy, vampy, and…funny.

Let’s start with the brief forays into color before we descend into the entirely black-clad funeral procession.


Aubrey Plaza looked fantastic in electric blue. I’m not one for bright, gaudy patterns because I’m boring, but the structure of this thing is great.


Continuing the blue thing, Johnny Knoxville is ready for Prom in 1973 while Naomi Nelson manages to not look embarrassed on his arm.


Amy Poehler narrowly misses the best dressed pick in this tuxedo-dress.


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg seem like they’d be great picks to bring home to mom.


Kate McKinnon looked cute as a button.


I’m really, really into Jessica Williams‘ romper and pink lip.


Leslie Mann does the sexy suit thing. This might also be a romper? I’m not entirely sure.


John Hodgman looks positively velveteen.


Aisha Tyler might have gone a bit dour for the occasion.


Key & Peele look dapper, and I’m digging the facial hair.

Next up: a few more cuties and our picks for best and (very, very) worst dressed of the night.


Maria Bamford could have skipped the tights.


Hannibal Buress will never not be adorable, even if his outfit gives off a bit of a used car salesman vibe.


The same goes for Bill Hader, despite an…interesting haircut.

And now, our best dressed pick:


Lake Bell has been rocking the baby bump since announcing her pregnancy, and her pale blue gown was a breath of unbelievable fresh air. Her husband Scott Campbell looks pretty dapper himself.

And our worst dressed? Yikes.


Here’s noted creep and free pass guy Bill Cosby. Wow.

Photos: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images