paint jeans

We’re pretty sure that American Eagle is just laughing at you with their “skinny, skinny” jeans ad. They’re designed for people who feel that skinny jeans are not skinny enough.

The video states AEO is:

Introducing our newest fit #AEOSkinnySkinny! It’s our skinniest fit yet and is so comfortable you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.


The product page shows a can of spray paint.

Can they be serious?

The people claim, “I love the feeling you get when you make something on your own,” or “I love the feeling you get when you come up with something new” which… are indeed feelings you would get if you were just spray painting blue jeans on yourself.

Except you would be painting blue jeans on yourself, which is the most ridiculous thing you could possibly do. Those are ridiculous, absurd feelings. If leggings are not pants, a thin film of spray paint is most certainly not pants.

Not pants. Not at all.

Though given that the product is supposed to be entirely sold out, I imagine American Eagle is just playing a hilarious prank on you. However, the last laugh will be mine when I show up pantless outside their office. I will be laughing until I am arrested for public indecency, because I will be a crazy person.

Picture via AEO