simon cowell

V-Neck Tee Inspired By Simon Cowell

Just what every high school student always wanted, right? To wear clothes from a popularity contest that’s dwindling in popularity to make themselves more popular. It’s like an ouroboros.

Anyone want to take a guess what retailer is bringing us this wonderful fashion moment? That’s right, the same people who decided that Lauren Conrad and J. Lo needed to continue on with their experiments in branding. Leave it Kohl’s to announce A.I. the new American Idol clothing line. Apparently the collection will be full of red, white and blue with plenty of rock n’ roll influences. Blah.

If you’re really going to capitalize on Ryan Seacrest and all he’s built, the clothes need to be based off our favorite former Idol alums. Ya know, back when we all still watched Idol.[ITPGallery]