amy adams american hustle premiere

Amy Adams is one of my very favorite actresses. She’s extraordinarily talented, seems like a nice person, and makes awesome movies. (I’m just going to forget Leap Year exists.) I would take a bullet for Amy Adams. In fact, I like Amy Adams so much I would wear this dress for her so she wouldn’t have to, and that’s saying something because this dress is awful.

At last night’s New York premiere of American Hustle, Amy Adams wore easily her worst dress ever. At first we thought she’d stolen it from the sexy lingerie drawer of Endorra from Bewitched, but it turns out the blame for this lands squarely on Elie Saab, of whom we normally expect a great deal more. The black Elie Saab had awkward stripes of black silk and lace and looks exactly like something I rejected for Homecoming back during my goth phase in 1994, including the weird 90s zig-zag headband she’s wearing. (The zig-zag headband is a 90s trend that very much needs to never come back, I don’t care how cute I thought it was on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.)

Amy Adams’ makeup looks lovely, as usual. She’s just so pretty and has the most amazing skin, so her makeup pretty much always looks lovely. We just have no idea who told her to dress like a goth teenager in 1994 who is going to get turned away from the school dance because the school says her dress looks like lingerie.

Bad dresses shouldn’t happen to good people. This isn’t even fun bad, like the things worn by Bjork or Cher, this is just a really ugly dress and Amy Adams deserves better.

Picture via WENN