Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood "American Hustle" Toast Sponsored By Chrysler - Arrivals

Just when things were going so great for Amy Adams–we named her one of The Gloss’ 10 best dressed oscar nominees–she showed up on a red carpet in one hell of a fashion disaster. After a series of great looks over the better part of the last year and only one major misstep, this was a major miss and a big disappointment on one of my favorite stars.

Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood - Vanity Fair And Chrysler Toast American Hustle

At last night’s Vanity Fair and Chrysler Toast to American Hustle party (wow, they are really getting lame with their party names), Adams wore a hot pink Vivienne Westwood cocktail dress that made a mockery out of her beautiful form. While I think the color looks fantastic, I can’t get past the awkwardness of the neckline and the half-peplum/tumor on her right hip. It’s no secret that The Gloss hates peplums, but at least normal peplums have the courage to declare what they are, proudly, in all of of their horror. This baggy number couldn’t quit commit, and looks lumpy.

Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood "American Hustle" Toast Sponsored By Chrysler - Arrivals

I understand Adam’s desire to go for a sleeker hair style–this dress sort of rattles into va va voom territory–and as Red Carpet Fashion Awards points out, “anything like a big wave would have been too reminiscent of a Christina Hendricks turn.” But there are a lot of sleek, simple hair options besides the slicked back look, which has a zero percent success rate (although people keep trying).

Hopefully, we’ll see Adams bring her A game to the Oscars on Sunday night, and end up on our best dressed list where she belongs.

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