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We love everything Amy Poehler does, even when she’s sexually harassing a job applicant over her Pixie pants, which she does in her brilliant new Old Navy commercial.

“Turn around. Turn around faster, double time.”

“Are all these questions going to be about my pants?”

“Uh, this is a law firm. So yes.”

We love it in large part because we’re pretty sure Poehler’s high-powered lawyer character is exactly what would happen if Leslie Knope used her powers for evil and personal gain instead of the good of her community.

But as funny as the original commercial is, the outtakes released today by Old Navy are even funnier. Even Amy Poehler’s mistakes are hilarious.

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“You know what we do here, right? We represent cats in criminal trials. Would you be able to do something like that? With those pants?”

This is not doing anything to dissuade us of the notion that Amy Poehler is basically God.

But as a fashion and beauty site, we would feel remiss if we did not point out that as cute as the Old Navy model looks in this commercial, she is not dressed appropriately for a job interview at a law firm. In real life, high-powered cat lawyers demand more professionalism from the people they interview for unspecified jobs that might involve lighthouse cleaning. So next time you have a job interview at a stuffy firm, wear something conservative and professional unless you’re interviewing with Amy Poehler, in which case wear some skin-tight gingham pants, because apparently she’s apeshit for those.