So, Amy Winehouse and Alexander McQueen had a rivalry going. They met at a party in 2006 and McQueen offended her somehow. She ended up becoming pals with his then-boyfriend, Archie Reed, who tells an interesting story to the Daily Mail about the singer and designer:

“She and Lee [McQueen’s real name] didn’t get on. Lee had offended her at the party where I first met her and Amy never forgave him.When he sent her a dress to say sorry she put it on the barbecue. She also spat on one of his dresses at Selfridges which she had to pay for because she had soiled it. At first she refused then she just said, ‘Fine – but tell Alexander McQueen I ruined his dress.’”

The dress Winehouse burned was apparently worth £15,000 (or over $24,000).

(The Mail)