My sister just took this photo with her phone and sent to me. We're in agreement on this one.

I do not like Coach bags. Never have; never will. My reason isn’t because they’re on the lower end of the designer bag totem poll, but because that “C” drives me batty. I am not one for monotonous prints that some people see as a status symbol. If Hermès started pulling that shit on their bags, I’d be anti-them, too. Coach bags covered in the letter “C” does not mean you have arrived, and if you’re carrying a fake one, it’s an even more upsetting state of affairs.

I will admit to having owned a hot pink Coach wallet in college, because I found it to be delightfully obnoxious. I am often drawn to pink as an accent color in my life, because I’m not a pink girl. When it was stolen out of my bag during the first week I was living in New York City, my sister replaced it with a bright turquoise one because, again, it was obnoxious and sort of funny to us.

I strongly feel that fashion doesn’t have to be advertised. When I see people walking up Broadway from Canal Street with their faux Louis Vuitton and Coach bags, while wearing a t-shirt with the two interlocking Chanel C’s across it, knowing full well that the shirt is about as Chanel as a Hanes tee, I cringe. I don’t think this makes me a snob; I think it makes me anti-faux, for starters, and aesthetically snobbish. There is no elitism involved.

However, I can forgive Louis Vuitton for the “LV.” I guess it has everything to do with the fact that the fashion house was started in 1854, whereas Coach didn’t come into the scene until 1941. The lettering thing had been done, it was made classic, then Coach and then the even more annoying, Dooney & Bourke showed up with their “DB,” and things just got messy. Too many letters make for an alphabet soup gone awry.

While I’ll never judge a friend for having a Coach bag, as I see it as them just simply being sucked into the world of consumerism and perhaps being slightly confused, I will judge the Coach brand for being boring and lacking luster. I’m well aware they have other bags that are not covered in their “C,” but I have a hard time getting past the C factor because I see it as unoriginal. Louis Vuitton made lettering iconic over a hundred years ago, but brands like Coach and the ones that followed made it look cheap. I do not care for cheap, and I especially don’t care for knock-offs. I respect fashion too much to tolerate sheep.