Britney Spears ShortsToday, it’s 88 degrees in my home town. I don’t live in the South. I don’t live in California. I’m in the Midwest, and we’re 38 degrees above the average temperature for the middle of March. Let’s just say, summer came early this year.

It’s been pretty nice after a mild winter with barely any snowfall to go right into a warm, breezy summer. Who doesn’t love transitioning their wardrobe from heavy sweaters to sundresses? Evil, mentally unhinged people. That’s it. Every one else loves summer clothing.

And yet, every year there’s a small group of people who love summer clothing just a little too much. They get excited about above-freezing temperatures in February, and they just can’t wait for real warm weather before they pull out the mini-skirts and flip-flops. These are the people who refuse to accept that it still gets cooler in the evenings. They simply don’t understand what the word “moderation” means. Or “cardigan.”

I kind of love these people, with their goose-bumped legs and crossed arms. They look a little ridiculous, wearing beach clothing the minute it hits 50 degrees. But I always admire their dedication to shorts. I mean, that’s a serious commitment.

However, they have to be thrilled with their fortunes this year. No mild spring weather with light jackets necessary. No warm-in-the-sunshine, cool-in-the-shade layers to weigh down their sunny spirit!

I think this is the year to appreciate and praise these early resort wearers. It’s their time to shine in bootie shorts and tank tops. Let’s raise our fake tanner and throw out all mention of sweaters. Obviously, Mother Nature decided that this year was the year for premature summer.

So no rolling your eyes at the girl in halter top when it’s still 60 degrees. No shaking your head at the guy in shorts and flip flops, even when its raining and chilly. Just let them enjoy their year of 88 degrees in the middle of March. Give them a break and a nod of appreciate for ushering in summer with such exuberance. Sun dresses for all!

(Photo: Gossip Rocks)