Andre Leon Talley is already adding drama to America’s Next Top Model. I am so happy Tyra landed this man, as it just might make me plant myself in front of the TV on Wednesday nights. Top Model hasn’t been worth watching in many, many seasons, but with ALT on board, I’m hoping this will make the contestants up their game. I’m not sure if Tyra already had ALT’s contract going when she chose girls for season 14 (YUP!) of America’s Next Top Model, but if she did, maybe this forced her to choose a crop of girls with actual personalities versus the boring characters we’ve seen on the show for the past few years.

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In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Andre says Tyra asked him to be part of Top Model for season 1, but he turned it down. He goes on to say that now that Tyra is successful as a businesswoman, he decided to give it a shot. So he was only on board after he saw it was a success (though ratings from Top Model have dropped tremendously)? When asked why none of the Top Models (winners or otherwise) have become household names, he says to look at American Idol, where no one but Jennifer Hudson is a household name. Has ALT never heard of Carrie Underwood, who seems to be plastered on every magazine when I’m in line at the grocery store?

You can read the rest of ALT’s interview here.